‘Hell on Wheels’ season 4, episode 4 review: Eva and Durant steal the show

Eva -Tonight’s “Hell on Wheels” episode was one that had many happenings all across the town of Cheyenne, but it was once again the story of a pair of supporting characters who captivated us the most.

This time around, it was Eva and Durant who brought layers to one of the show’s most unlikely friendships. She is a former lady of the night, and he refuses her to re-take that position now that the love of her life Elam is supposedly gone. Colm Meaney and Robin McLeavy killed their scenes together, as he told her that getting over the loss of someone you love never really gets easier. He offered to pay her mostly for her friendship, but he refused to pay her for any sexual favors at all.

Throughout the rest of Cheyenne, the town is still reeling and suffering in a big way following the arrival of John Campbell … or at least “suffering” in the way that it is losing its identity. Campbell decided to arrest Mickey and take his casino away from him, and while he was eventually released from prison, he still had basically gone from having almost everything to having nothing.

Cullen Bohannon spent this episode in and out of the city, mostly proving that he never read the book on how to be a great husband. After making her try to feel like they were going to attend church as a family, he ended up becoming so concentrated on the railroad that he forgot about Naomi … and this wasn’t the first time. Is this new relationship already in big trouble? It’s even more difficult when you consider that she is treated differently by most of the community as a Mormon.

We finally close with a reminder that The Swede was still out there in Fort Smith, and he is holding on now for dear life now that his identity is starting to slowly fall apart. He is planning something … but what? Bringing Brigham Young to the table is an interesting, and shocking, proposition.

Overall, a very solid episode. The character moments were what made it special, even if the journey didn’t really take too many leaps forward from start to finish. Grade: B+.

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Photo: AMC

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