‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 9 review: ‘Who is the Benefactor?’ is finally revealed

Teen Wolf -We’re still sitting here at the moment trying to figure out the answer to one question: Whether or not we actually enjoyed the episode of “Teen Wolf” on MTV tonight. It was many things, and “strange” is definitely at the top of the list.

After all of the personal revelations about Lydia and her family the past few weeks, we’d rather see the focus more on that rather than a crazy nightclub party that spanned most of the episode. Granted, the tail end of this started to make up for it when we finally learned that it was Meredith all along who was the Benefactor, and causing all of the death and destruction with the list since the very beginning.

With this being said, how can this really be? The last we saw the character, she was dead as a doornail after committing suicide. We know that the show loves to bring seemingly dead people back to life (see: Kate Argent), but this is a rather big twist even for them. With that being said, it does make sense given that she is a Banshee, and has the ability to do everything that the Benefactor does.

As for the rest of the episode, Stiles and Malia are trying to work through some of their significant bumps in the road, Scott had some family crises, and we still cannot get over the fact that a central plot point tonight revolved around a DJ and evil EDM music. This was so cheesy and almost “ultimate teen drama” that it completely brings down the rest of the episode. If it weren’t for the big reveal at the end, this story would feel like a dud. Grade: B-.

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Photo: MTV

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