‘MasterChef’ season 5, episode 13 preview: Do Elizabeth and Leslie cook up a winner?

Somehow, “MasterChef” has delivered again in the casting department for this season, given that you have a few bona fide heroes, and then a few other people who are polarizing and even one or two villains.

Leslie may be one of the most genius casts ever on the show. He’s a cranky guy with some genuine cooking talent, but part of the fun with him is his sense of strategy and using his antics at times to his advantage. For the team portion of the episode Monday night, he finds himself paired up with Elizabeth, and the two end up creating a dish that the judges love.

But did Leslie really contribute much of anything here? It seems more than he just followed instruction and let Elizabeth make what she wanted, which can be at times a great strategy. the great thing about him as a competitor is that he learns from his mistakes. He seems well aware that he can be abrasive and will not get along well with others all of the time, and thanks to that, he knows now to take a back seat at times.

With all of this being said, we’d say that Elizabeth is the bigger threat to win right now, and she may actually be #1 on our winner power rankings. While Courtney has been the most successful cook so far, we don’t feel like she’s got that winning edit behind her. Leslie is starting to get one now, and we would at least say that he at least has a shot now to be the last man standing.

What do you think about this preview, and is there a good strategy here in just letting one person do the bulk of the work while going along with it? Share below.

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