‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 9 video: A sweet Anna Paquin – Carrie Preston scene

Get ready -Here is some news you may find particularly sad today: This video below may be the last scene between Anna Paquin and Carrie Preston on “True Blood.” Maybe the two characters of Sookie Stackhouse and Arlene are involved in some other interactions, but it’s hard to see them getting a whole lot more time on their own.

What we love about this particular scene is that there is a very emotional, retrospective feel to it. In talking about her romantic ups and downs, Arlene relates the story to her own when it comes to falling down, and then picking yourself back up. Just look at the poor woman’s timeline on the show so far:

  • She was with Rene, who turned out to be a brutal murderer before he was eventually killed.
  • Then, she was with Terry, who was lovable before he hired someone to kill him … before eventually turning himself around, but not knowing the plan he had already set in motion.
  • Now, there is Keith. This may not be the man Arlene thought she would be with, but nonetheless that is the man she has now.

What does Sookie get out of this? Namely, that she may have never fully gotten over Bill, which is something that we’ve been able to identify pretty easily over the course of the entire series. These feelings are still there, and that is something that she is going to have to continue to deal with as the one-time vampire god nears what could be his final days of the earth.

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Photo: HBO

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