‘Suits’ season 4, episode 9 review: Mike and Rachel work things out; Louis makes a move

SuitsTonight, “Suits” had one of the most intense episodes of the entire season, since you had not only jobs, but also relationships, at stake here from almost the very beginning thanks to the Sean Cahill deposition.

For Louis Litt, the struggle was mostly all about one question: How in the world do you stay employed? Jessica was ready to bring the hammer down on the guy over what he did to put the firm in jeopardy, and we understand so … even if every single person who was working around her hated to see it happen.

Meanwhile, there were also bumps in the Mike / Rachel relationship as he, basically to the surprise of no one around him, realized that he was still struggling to get over the woman he loved kissing Logan Sanders. They seemed to make it past their hurdle tonight, but it did raise the question of if Mike can handle these attacks in a courtroom if he struggles with them at home. There were other relationship woes with Jeff and Jessica that brought them back into the SEC battle, as she didn’t want him getting involved with what is going on with Louis and his lies.

At around the 45-minute episode, it appeared that almost all hope was lost … until Louis tried to confess to a crime, and then made the connection between two people who could blow up the SEC almost entirely. He worked very hard to save the institution he loved, but eventually realized at the same time that he was a sinking ship. There was no way to completely save the firm in his mind with him there, and rather than putting them through the suffering of firing him, he made the move to resign himself. Wow. Will he ever come back? We hope so, but this is something we never saw coming going into this season, given Louis’ loyalty and love for the firm. Grade: A-.

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