‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 2 podcast: On Michelle, Ben, conspiracies, more with Jessa

BP -The crazy thing about “Bachelor in Paradise” right now is that the majority of the story hyped up for so long happened within the first two episodes of the series.

With that being said, the episode from Monday night produced podcast gold for today, as we go through the ridiculous behavior patterns of everyone involved from Ben to Michelle and so much more. Matt Carter and Jessa are your tour guides through this “paradise” that is supposed to be all sorts of romantic, but really feels more seedy and gross.

Take a look at some of the selected subjects from this edition.

  1. Whether or not Michelle Kujawa did anything wrong for hooking up with crew member Ryan Putz.
  2. How sorry we feel for Putz that the show basically forced him to say his name on camera, like he was a child being punished for not finishing his homework. Basically, we feel like him jumping out of a window and breaking his ankles was embarrassing enough in itself.
  3. Whether or not Ben’s letter was an elaborate conspiracy by him get airtime, given that he’s a smart enough guy to know that this is the sort of thing that will be found if he brings it to the show.
  4. How Sarah Herron remains one of the most likable people and how Elisa Mosca now has to be one of the craziest people we have ever seen on the show.
  5. Whether or not Marquel sunk his own ship not just with Michelle Money, but with his popularity by becoming the “crusader of good” most of the time.

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Photo: ABC

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