‘Parenthood’ season 6 spoilers: Show boss on general themes for episodes ahead

When you get the chance to have a final season, there is of course one emotion that will overwhelm you to a certain level: Excitement. This is especially true for a show like “Parenthood,” which came so very close to not even getting a final season in the first place.

However, there is also trepidation that comes with ensuring that you get the story right, and find a way to ensure that you meet the many expectations of your fans. Just look at “How I Met Your Mother” and “Dexter” as examples of major letdowns that nearly caused fan riots.

So what are the overall themes that you can expect to see play out next for the NBC show? For these final thirteen episodes, the theme seems to be mostly all about trying to bring the Braveman family all together … at least based on what executive producer Jason Katims had to say to TV Guide:

“You want to give everybody a huge, huge story line but generally speaking, it doesn’t really work that way. So that’s why we do have one central story line that runs through this season that will affect, I think, everybody in the show, certainly every adult character in the show. I think that that will give us the ability to have good arcs for every character. … We really have spent a lot of time thinking about every character this year and wanting to get to some place by the end, which does give each character closure as opposed to the entire show.”

Katims said that the last time we had something even similar to this was the breast cancer story for Monica Potter, but this mystery story may even find a way to impact the characters even more than that. This does make us feel like there will be some major tears ahead.

Where do you think that the story is going to go on “Parenthood” the rest of the way? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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