‘The Killing’ season 4, episode 3 review: The log on Lincoln and much more

The Killing -How depressing is “The Killing” right now? We’d advise you to check off the box reading “very,” but then again, can you really be this surprised by it? This is a show that has constantly made a living off of making you sad.

We’re a little late in reviewing the Netflix series at this point, but given that we are not halfway through it, we may as well keep at it. The biggest revelations of the night were three-fold, and none of them were particularly good for our main characters.

1. Lincoln’s history is not a great one. In finding out that he had an inappropriate relationship with Kyle’s mother when she was a volunteer tennis coach, and that he brought a handgun to school, the motive here to kill an entire family is present. The only thing that has protected him so far is Linden and Holder not having all of the proper information.

2. Linden is screwed – She’s been careless for a while now when it comes to her past with Skinner and cleaning up after herself, but throwing out the phone in front of the lake house with Jen in it was a bad move. You have to check on this sort of thing! We just wouldn’t have went back there at all, but her inability to complete distance herself from her past is what is making life very taxing for her at the moment.

3. Holder’s an addict again – Given that there are only three episodes left, how in the world is this guy going to be better again in time? He also did a terrible job of showing to his fiancee and his sister that he’ll be a good father someday. Instead, he’s a guy most likely on the way to prison … especially with a certain CI sitting there and hearing his entire confession.

Basically, the whole “careless cops” part of the story, which includes Linden and Holder going into the same bathroom at one point (not suspicious?), is what is keeping a very good show from becoming great. It takes away somewhat from Joan Allen’s gripping performance as the most famous Colonel since Sanders, and from the always-moody and beautiful cinematography on this show.

What is somewhat grounded at this point is that neither Kyle nor his friend Kat killed his family, and that this clan was far more authoritative and messed up than anyone thoughts previously. The eldest daughter taking risque pictures is not just a blip on the radar. Grade: B-.

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Photo: Netflix

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