‘So You Think You Can Dance’ results: Did Emilio Dosal, Bridget Whitman make tour?

So You Think You Can Dance -Another week has passed on “So You think You Can Dance,” and that of course mean the sad opportunity to see who the latest two dancers are to be sent home from the competition.

Let’s start things off now by discussing what we personally believe to be the good news: Everybody has made the tour! That means that regardless of what happens the rest of the season, everyone can take a little bit of comfort in knowing that this will be the last time that some of the dancers spend time with each other.

With that being said … everyone does want to go far and potentially win the competition. This is what ultimately brought us to the elimination at the end of the episode, where Emilio Dosal and Bridget Whitman were sent home before the start of the top eight. At least there was no double-elimination this week, since that would have made things so much worse.

What do we think about this season as a whole so far? It’s very good, but the problem is that we haven’t really had the same sort of magic the past few weeks that we did in comparison to past seasons. Maybe part of the problem is at this point on us, given that we have watched so many seasons of the show now, and our expectations are getting so much higher as a result of that. There are only a few weeks now until the end of the season, and this means that the remaining dancers better do all they can to step up and shine.

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