‘Suits’ season 4, episode 8 review: Mike, Rachel struggle; is Louis Litt off to jail?

Suits -When you are dealing with a show like “Suits,” one of the few things that you can almost always count on is things getting much worse before they get better. We saw the perfect example of this very thing during tonight’s new episode “Exposure,” where it seemed like Pearson Specter were going to finally be in the clear … until Mike Ross made what he thought was a worthy suggestion at the time.

The problem here is that Louis Litt’s lack of honesty in this case really did do him in. He worked very hard to make sure that his files were not included in the deal that Sean Cahill was so desperate to get from them. He did that, but Mike then reversed it when he tried to use these files as leverage to show that Cahill was harassing the firm.

In the end, the move was finally for Louis to come clean, accept his punishment, and await what happens next … whatever that may be. Just those final few words of a confessional to Jessica were truly heartbreaking, and they top a list of wonderful moments from Rick Hoffman this season. He’s not in jail now, but he could be soon.

On the relationship circuit, Mike and Rachel are clearly still struggling, but there’s nothing in here that makes us believe that they will be splitting up forever. As a matter of fact, the moment of Mike at her office at the end was just enough hope that we needed that Logan Sanders will eventually become a mystery.

For now, we’re amazed at the quality of this season, so much so that we’re trying not to get too upset over Louis … at least not yet. Grade: A.

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