‘Longmire’ season 3 finale review: Do we know who killed Walt’s wife?

Longmire -We’ve waited for three seasons for “Longmire” to start to reveal who is responsible for killing Walt’s wife, and with that in mind, we had some very big expectations for the finale.

However, once we got near the end of the episode, that’s when some of our anxiety really started to settle in. Were we really going to get the answers that we wanted? The show was given ten extra minutes in order to properly try to answer that question.

When it comes to Henry’s case, we spent most of the 70 minutes basically convincing ourselves that the guy was going to go back to prison. As much as we enjoyed his little jaunt with Walt to prove the existence of a certain feather, it didn’t look like it was going to matter. Luckily, Walt’s daughter proved herself to be more than capable. The official moment he was free and the plan worked was beyond emotional. It gave us everything we hoped for to see him no longer have to be on the run.

Just in case that wasn’t emotional enough, we then hen had the moment where Walt was crying in a field, feeling regret and shame over what he was about to do. Were we getting closer to the moment? It was only five minutes before the end of the episode when this happened, and we were still confused … but only briefly.

This is where Barlow Connally entered the picture. About halfway through the episode, we started to feel like he was the guilty party. Then, it was Branch of all people who finally uncovered the truth. It was Branch’s big redemption! One episode ago, we didn’t think this guy was actually going to be doing anything productive.

Unfortunately, now he may be dead. “Longmire” made a HUGE move for a show with an uncertain future, exposing Barlow as the man responsible, but also not having Walt arrest him. Instead, we have the possibility of Branch actually being dead thanks to a carefully-executed move by his father, and of the entire department in shambles. While we were skeptical in the early going about Branch’s quick turnaround, this, coupled with Henry’s release and a number of other developments tonight, make us wish season 4 was here already. Grade: A-.

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Photo: A&E

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