‘True Blood’ season 7, epiosde 7 preview: Expectations for ‘May Be the Last Time’

True Blood -Tonight, “True Blood” will air what is the first of their final four episodes, and it is a pretty powerful story based on the title alone: “May Be the Last Time.” These vampires have had the ability over the past several years to really live without any sort of tangible fear of death. They’ve had relative invulnerability, and the feeling of knowing that even if they do make mistakes, they can just outlive everyone else and not have to face any sort of serious ramifications for them.

Tonight’s episode may be the first time that really changes. Just as you see in the photo above, Bill Compton and other characters may look to make amends, think further about their future, and what comes for them in any sort of afterlife. Basically, this is the time when these bloodsuckers start to become a little more human … at least until they hear about Sarah Newlin and the cure.

Here are a few specific things that you can look out for tonight.

  1. Eric Northman will continue his search for Sarah Newlin, but Pam will try to convince him to change up the plan a little.
  2. Lettie Mae may start to pick up a little steam with her campaign to figure out what in the world Tara is trying to tell her.
  3. Fear for Adilyn right now, but also fear for Jessica. Violet clearly has a plan she is working to execute.
  4. Sookie Stackhouse is in a rare position: Helpless. Her actions at this moment really are not driving forward the story that much.

We’ll have a full review of the episode tonight over at the link here, so of course be on the lookout for that. You can also sign up to take a further bite of all of our TV coverage now via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: HBO

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