‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 2: Renewal prospects, expectations, and more

Tonight, AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” will conclude its first-season run, but before this episode even airs the following question has to be asked: Is it possible that we will even see a season 2?

If we were to go on the logic of ratings alone, the answer here would be that it seems unlikely. Its numbers in total are lower than “Turn,” which aired earlier this fall and received a renewal; they are more comparable to “Low Winter Sun,” which followed up the final season of “Breaking Bad” and was canceled. To be fair, “Low Winter Sun” was not airing on its own in the summer, which is a much harder challenge for this show. Its ratings are also lower than the first season of “Breaking Bad,” which is a benchmark that many like to use when discussing how AMC in its early days kept low-rating shows around and allowed them to grow.

While this is a show that we and many other critics particularly enjoy, there are financial considerations to think about here. If the ratings are not high enough to justify a cost, we may not see a whole lot more of it. That would be a shame here, though, given that we cannot envision a fitting end to Joe MacMillan’s story based on one episode tonight. As recently as last week, he was kicked around by the revelation that Apple had beaten him to the punch in terms of innovation.

The one hope that the show has of coming back is that AMC has some faith that it can discover more viewers over the coming months, and therefore have another kick at the can next year to see if there is improvement. One smart way to do this would be to make a deal with Netflix, get the show on there early, and allow people to binge-watch and catch up. Many credit the service with “Breaking Bad” being able to see its numbers skyrocket for the final eight episodes on the air, and this sort of thing has helped the fate of many other shows, as well.

What do you think: Should AMC give “Halt and Catch Fire” another chance, even if some of the numbers are not that outstanding? Share below.

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