‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 7: Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, and character death-watch

True Blood -With there only being four episodes left on “True Blood,” we’re going to roll out a new feature right now entitled Character Death-Watch. Every week, we’ll get together the five most-likely candidates to die on the coming episode based on a list of criteria, including edit so far, current situation, shock value, and more.

Note that for this, we’re talking mostly about major characters, as in people we see in at least the majority of episodes right now who are important to the story, and also people who have been around for at least longer than just half a season.

Honorable Mention – Sarah. It just makes sense that the show would want to doom everyone further, right when they think there is hope.

5. Jessica – The show is not above devastating Bill Compton, and this is an easy way to do it. Also, Violet is going to be out for her vampire blood after Jason Stackhouse cheated on her. This is a good way to grab revenge.

4. Sam – Given that no one really is that invested in Nicole, we could see Sam being the perfect martyr who gives us his life for the good of the town. We can’t see him having a tragic death, but a heroic one is certainly possible.

3. Bill – He’s already on the quick road to death, and no one may be able to get him the antidote in time to save him from deteriorating.

2. Jason – Violet may kill him, H-Vamps could kill him, or just people on the street of Bon Temps may kill him. what we know is that this show loves to take away from Sookie Stackhouse almost everyone she loves and cares about.

1. Eric – Alexander Skarsgard has had a great run as the character, and the main reason that he is #1 is because he seems to be the character almost the most ready to die. Even if he finds Sarah and the cure, he may be so interested in making sure everyone else gets it that he is not so focused on taking it himself.

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Photo: HBO

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