‘True Blood’ season 7: See Anna Paquin discuss Stephen Moyer, tough scenes, bisexuality

If you are a major fan of Anna Paquin’s, or you are just trying to find something else interesting to watch until Sunday night’s “True Blood” episode airs, you will most likely enjoy the video below either way (provided that you are in the United States and can watch it).

The video is of a recent episode of “Larry King Now” featuring Paquin, and there are already some big headlines out there courtesy of the way that Larry brings up and discusses her bisexuality as if it is something that just passes on by and isn’t a permanent part of her life. We know that there is going to be a lot of worthy discussion on that subject, but there’s also some other interesting things discussed in here, from her relationship with husband Stephen Moyer on the show to the final season to how she handles overall some of the racier scenes that HBO puts on the air.

The challenging thing that comes with doing a Larry King interview is mostly that you never quite know where he is going to go with the questioning most of the time. Right when you start to think that you have finally pinned the man down, he will bounce around to another topic. This is one of his most-noteworthy techniques, since he likes to keep most of his interview subjects at least slightly disarmed. That way, they can never fully predict the next question that is coming their way.

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