‘Covert Affairs’ season 5: ‘Fargo’ alum snags recurring role

Covert Affairs -The great news about “Fargo” is that it was a wonderful experience for most involved, given its status (at least in our mind) as one of the most high-quality things that has been put out in the past year. The downside? It’s really just a one-and-done opportunity, The show’s most likely not bringing back any of its cast members from the first season for another go, given that it is traveling so far into the past.

Luckily, other shows are probably going to be quick to snatch some of them up … or specifically in this case “Covert Affairs.” According to TVLine, actor Shawn Doyle (who was in two episodes of the FX drama as Vern Thurman) has joined the USA show’s fifth seas in the role of Georgian diplomat Aleksandre Balenko. There is not a whole lot else known about the role just yet, at least other than the fact that this should be a man that Annie Walker and company keep watch on. While he may on the surface seem to be a pretty normal and helpful guy, there is something about him within this that could come across as, quite frankly, off.

Given where we are right now in “Covert Affairs” airing on TV, we would anticipate this role coming up much later this season … unless of course this is a situation of us finding out about a casting not long before the episode ultimately airs. This sort of thing does happen from time to time.

For those of you still looking forward to more “Fargo,” you’ll be waiting for a while. We don’t see the show premiering until at least spring 2015, if not later.

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