‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 7 spoilers: One sad Stephen Moyer photo

True Blood -Sunday night’s new episode of “True Blood” carries with it the title of “May Be the Last Time,” and that coupled with the attached photo here is enough to get you a little choked up … at least if you are a fan of the Bill Compton character.

This photo of the former vampire god, coupled with the reaction of his progeny Jessica, is pretty tough stuff. Bill is seeing his condition accelerate much faster than any other vampire out there, and it sure doesn’t look like he knows about Sarah Newlin and the cure yet. For him, the issue is going to be staring mortality in the face, and then potentially finding out that there may be a way to save his life.

If for some reason Sunday’s episode is the end for Bill, then what a service Stephen Moyer has brought to this show. This is one of the most-iconic vampires out there at this point, and while he’s been taken for a ride almost all over the place, we’ve always completely believed that he had the capacity for goodness in his heart. He’s also passed that along to Jessica, who, despite her oft-primal instincts, has worked very hard to protect Adilyn after sucking most of her siblings dry.

This episode should be a sad one at moments, but also a hopeful one at others. Thanks to Sarah, we do at least feel now like there is a sense of hope where it was otherwise hopeless. Sometimes, that is better than nothing.

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Photo: HBO

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