‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 6 review: Does Sarah Newlin has the cure for Hep-V?

True Blood -Tonight on “True Blood,” death certainly started to loom closer for many of the characters on the show. At the same time, however, there was a cure for much of it that came from a very unusual place: The person responsible for starting almost all of the carnage in the first place.

That person is Sarah Newlin, who revealed the news to her sister at the end of the episode. She literally is the cure. In order for all of the other vampires to be saved, they will have to drink her blood. This is a very cool wrinkle added to the story now, primarily in that this is one we didn’t see coming.

While it’s a little early to say where this story is going, what we do know for now is that this episode played out pretty wonderfully. Bill being forced to confront his mortality was shocking, and he wasn’t the only one now in the wake of the outbreak. We couldn’t think of a better way to end this particular story than seeing Sookie and Jessica waiting for him to return home, and for them to face the cold, hard truth together.

It was thanks tot he awesomeness of this story that some other characters were almost left behind. We can’t really get excited about Adilyn and Wade, even if Violet inviting them to her place seems like very bad news for these two. She’s almost a new villain now out to destroy everything Jason Stackhouse cares about. Sam was given an ultimatum, and we saw bits and pieces of Eric as he and Pam agreed to work with Mr. Gus to capture Sarah, and figure out a way to make some of this right.

In the end, we feel like the excellent end to “Karma,” especially with that haunting music, made this the best episode of the season. We now call tell the direction the show is going, and are therefore very excited about what comes next. Grade: A-.

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Photo: HBO

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