‘Bones’ season 10 spoilers: Are David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, cast filming yet?

Take a look -The middle of July is a big milestone for the majority of network dramas, given that it tends to signify the start of production. This has been true for many of the series that we have discussed on this site as of late, and this is also true now for “Bones.”

According to Tamara Taylor’s Twitter account, July 16 was the first officially day of filming on the show, which films across the Los Angeles area. As for the content of the story, there is definitely a major chunk of that meant to remain hush-hush … at least for now. Most likely, you will find out some additional details on that in the weeks ahead.

What we do know about the beginning of season 10 is that one of the primary orders of business will of course be seeing if Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is going to be able to rescue Booth (David Boreanaz) from what can only be defined as a miserable position. He is locked up and has been for an extended period of time when the show begins, and all for a greater conspiracy that he did nothing wrong with. If and when he gets out, somebody needs to serious give him sort of credits to make up for this, or at least take him out to a steak dinner. Guy deserves something!

As for some other stories to look out for, Laura Spencer should still be in the midst of her own arc as a love interest for Sweets, though she will continue to have to split time between this show and “The Big Bang Theory” over on CBS. Personally, we want a new Big Bad introduced soon, mostly because this whole Ghost Killer story flamed out far quicker than we expected going in.

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