‘Falling Skies’ season 4, episode 5 preview: Danger, danger, and more danger

This is the first “Falling Skies” article we have written since the news first broke regarding next season being the last one for the show, and from our vantage point, that does change our view of things ever so slightly.

For example, the episode coming up here entitled “Mind Wars” is suddenly so much more significant, as is the general story of the characters coming together this season. This reunion may be some sort of precursor to a last stand, which would definitely be exciting to see from an entertainment point of view, and also when it comes to just a buildup of intensity.

There is one other notable question here worth mentioning: Whether or not these characters are all going to survive the rest of the season to make it there? We’re worried a little about Lexi already, mostly because we do not really know her intentions, and she seems to be the sort of Prince Oberyn-esque character we could see burning out bright. Tom and Anne are for now the only two that we would assume to be safe, mostly because we cannot see someone else Tom loves being taken from him in this way. We’re not nearly as confident about his kids for the time being.

The sneak peek below doesn’t really give too much more away, save for that there will be more battles, there will be more notable faces, and there is also a chance that at least a few characters will be hit with blunt objects. Isn’t that always fun?

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