‘Arrow’ season 3 spoilers: Colton Haynes on the future for Roy, Thea

Roy -Is there still a reason to hope for Roy and Thea as a couple on “Arrow“? For at least the immediate future, it’s going to be tough. These two characters have not been on the same page in a long time, and to make matters even more extreme right now, she’s also with Malcolm Merlyn. That suggests bad things, and it comes ironically at a time when Roy is finally starting to figure out what it means to be a hero.

Speaking to TV Fanatic, Colton Haynes confirms that when season 3 begins, we’re going to see Roy in a position where he is just trying to keep his former love out of his mind.

He’s trying not to think about it. Every time he hears her name he says ‘I gotta go do a patrol’ or ‘I gotta get out there. I gotta clear my mind.’ He’s running away from it because Thea said she never wants to see him again or talk to him again, he’s been lying to her forever so he has to do what she wants so he’s giving her her space.

We’re going to see a frickin’ badass Thea coming. We’re also going to see a badass Laurel. Her guns are…if you see the pictures she’s posting on Instagram … She’s just shredding it.”

We do want to comment for a second on one underrated part of Katie Cassidy’s performance on the show, and that is the physical transformations that she has put in. She lost weight last season to better take on the addiction storyline, and this time around she is putting on muscle. She can probably get tips from the rest of the cast on this, given that they have all been training to be heroes for quite a long time.

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Photo: The CW

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