‘The Originals’ season 2, ‘The Following’ season 3, more get official Comic-Con bags

The Originals -It feels like every year at around this time, we at least get one story that revolves around Comic-Con and some of the official bags that Warner Bros. puts out for the event. These become collector’s items to many fans, but there’s also so many of them that end up getting passed around that they are not to hard to grab.

As for another reason why the studio likes to put these out? It’s not hard to figure that a bunch of people carrying around walking advertisements for their shows is hardly a bad thing in the slightest. This is the sort of advertising that is hard to come by in any other environment. The only real drawback is that many of the fans of these shows are already watching anyway at the convention, and you’re unlikely to pull in a number of new casual fans.

Out of the bags this year, we’d probably rank the top 3 accordingly.

3. Arrow – It’s very simple, but it gets the point across that Oliver Queen is the star of the show, and the character that it lives and dies by. The coloration keeps an older photo from looking tired.

2. The Originals – The interior is a little grainy, but what a smart move to have the bulk of the bag be white in a sea of dark colors elsewhere. This will easily be the bag that pops the most.

1. Supernatural – Love the motif going on here, and the originality of it captures that sort of on-the-road mentality. We’ve always felt like there is a certain Western quality to this show, and this bag captures that and also the series’ sci-fi essence.

Which one of these bags for the time being is your favorite? Share now with some of your thoughts in the comments, and if you want news on everything we cover at CarterMatt now, sign up for our newsletter today.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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