‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, episode 6 review: Eddie Lamb and more Bethany Young mysteries

Pretty Little Liars -Given that tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode was entitled “Run, Ali, Run,” didn’t it seem appropriate that the majority of the episode was spent watching her try to escape Rosewood?

From the start, we certainly understood why Ali would want to depart the town; heck, we don’t understand why any of the Liars want to stay in this place given all of the insanity that constantly happens there. Unfortunately, she was immediately derailed courtesy of an attack on “A,” and were it not for the arrival of Emily, she probably would be dead right now. She still is facing a substantial challenge, though, as the cops are clearly on to her not being in Philadelphia the night that Shana was killed.

To us, though, the majority of the first 40 or so minutes felt largely like filler. Hanna and Caleb did a dance around their feelings without getting together, Ezra refused to cooperate with the police, and Aria told Ezra that they weren’t going to hook up again. Things did not really get extremely interesting to us until the attack, and until we found out more information about the drawing that Bethany Young did of Jessica DiLaurentis and the connections to Eddie Lamb.

We’ve known for a while now that next week’s episode is entitled “The Silence of E. Lamb,” but we never connected that this could be tied to the “friend” of Spencer’s from Radley. Nice twist! In the end, Aria decided that she wanted to go to work at the sanitarium as a volunteer, given that there was no better way to get close to him and the inside of the institution.

Near the end, some of the personal revelations started to rain down. Travis started to get distant with Hanna / getting jealous over Caleb being back, and Spencer’s mom and dad finally decided to get divorced. This was a solid episode, but also one that felt largely like it could have been merged into another. This happens when you have so many in a season. Grade: B-.

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