’24: Live Another Day’ finale review: Who died, and did Jack Bauer stop Cheng Zhi?

24 -All season long on “24: Live Another Day,” we’ve seen relentless action, drama, and just pure awesomeness from Jack Bauer. This season has been so good, it almost may make people try to forget a little bit about the disaster that was season 6 and some of the not-so-great things beyond that.

So what happened tonight? We have to start with the news that we never saw coming: Audrey Boudreau is no more. She got the silent clock treatment, and Kim Raver’s character was taken out by an additional sniper that neither Jack Bauer nor Kate Morgan saw coming. This one devastated us, given that she has been a part of this show for so long, and at this point in the episode, Chloe, Jack, and President Heller were the only longtime permanent cast members.

The only confirm that Jack can take right now is that he did get his revenge and then some. His beheading of Cheng with a sword has to be one of the craziest killings in the history of the show. President Heller got the proof he needed to stop war with China, only to receive the devastating news of his daughter’s demise moments later.

As we neared the end of the episode, we finally had that much-discussed time jump, and a truly heartbreaking monologue from Heller about how he is not going to remember the majority of everything that happened to Audrey in the future.

Then, we saw Jack Bauer take off to Russia … and then the end? This cannot be the end of the show, it can’t! At least there are still some people alive out there to save him, or for Jack  to get out and find his way back to America. This whole season was awesome, and now we cannot wait for more. Grade: A.

What did you think about the finale, and do you think it would be an appropriate end to the franchise? Share in the comments, and head over here to see our take (written before the finale) on if the show can return for a tenth season.

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