‘True Blood’ season 7, episode 4 reaction: Tara Buck on big Ginger reveal

Over the years, Ginger has been a part of the overall atmosphere at Fangtasia, but there have always been some questions as to “why” with her. For example, why in the world do the other characters keep her around, and what value does she have?

Now, we understand a little bit more. While she may not remember it, Sunday night’s “True Blood” episode revealed that she is the one who originally created the concept for Fangtasia after vampires came out of the coffin and they no longer had to operate a video store. However, Pam took credit for the idea for many years, and made herself feel extra special in Eric’s eyes.

For the actress playing Ginger, getting to finally know so much of this backstory, including her arrival to the store in the first place, was a relief. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tara Buck explained her reaction to finding out just what Ginger’s value truly was to some of the other characters:

“She wants to help them, and she wants to be important, and she wants to be an asset to the company, so she comes up with all these ideas. So many times, the questions fans ask is, ‘Why on earth do they keep Ginger around? Ginger is a liability to Fangtasia. She’s always messing up. Why is she there?’ So to me, I was like, ‘Oh this is why.’ They owe her, in a way.”

Buck confirmed that we will see Ginger again next week, though we are worried about whether or not she will make it out of this mess alive as one of the few humans in a world surrounded by supernatural people. Plus, her brain is cloudier than the Seattle sky thanks to all of the times that she has been glamoured.

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