‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers: Brooks Forester, Cody Sattler, more added to cast

Surprised? -We’ve now seen most of the official cast now for “Bachelor in Paradise,” and the only real thought we have about it for the time being is “what in the world is going on?”. This show has more cast members than “Game of Thrones,” and at least 60% are people that we have next to no recollection of at all. Why cast relative nobodies from recent seasons when you could limit the cast, and feature only people who most Americans will actually care about?

Nonetheless, here are all of the contestants that People Magazine has added to the list of people that were already announced earlier this summer.

  • Cody Sattler – The likable personal trainer from this season with Andi Dorfman. One of the show’s larger surprises.
  • Brooks Forester – The guy who left Desiree Hartsock because he couldn’t commit. Wait, so how is he supposed to commit here?
  • Lucy Aragon – Mostly know for taking her clothes off on Juan Pablo’s season. Well, we know why she is here…
  • Christy Hansen – Apparently, she was on Juan Pablo’s season, as well.
  • Danielle Ronco – See above.
  • Jackie Parr – We do remember Jackie vaguely from Sean Lowe’s season, and because she’s shown up since as a “friend” on “The Bachelorette.”
  • Dylan Petit – The guy from Andi’s season with the super-sad story.
  • Marcus Grodd – What do you want to bet that he tries to re-do that male stripping scene again? Ugh.
  • Zack Kalter – Apparently, he was on Desiree’s season. We remember nothing else from him.
  • Tasos Hernandez – The only reason we remember Tasos is because he was on this current season, and he tried really heard.
  • Kalon McMahon – Wait, it’s Helicopter Guy? Again? Why?
  • Chris Bukowski – Clearly, this guy has nothing else going on other than continuing to try and “find love” being a part of this show.

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Photo: ABC

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