‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 6: Did Ian Somerhalder suggest show could end soon?

Damon -Is the end of the road really near for “The Vampire Diaries“? At the moment, we definitely know that there is some talk about this over Twitter about some alleged comments Ian Somerhalder made at a New Jersey convention this weekend.

Specifically, what was supposedly said by Ian (per Twitter) was that season 6 could possibly by the last season of the show, and he would rather see the show go out on a high note than be drug out for as long as humanly possible with subpar seasons. The latter part of this statement we can certainly agree with; we know that having ten seasons of a show can be great, but what happens if there are three or four of those that are quite frankly terrible? Shows like “The Office” and “Scrubs” are both shows where fans wish that they ended things around the time the original cast members started to leave.

In going back to whether or not “The Vampire Diaries” is ending, we can’t see it happening this year. Ian may be alluding somewhat to the fact that there are contract discussions that happen for shows after season six and seven, and we are at the point right now at least where these sort of discussions about the endgame do happen. We also don’t imagine this show going ten or twelve years, given that you have a big cast, and some of them like Ian and Nina Dobrev likely get many offers to do other things.

However, The CW still has a lot invested in this show financially; it’s their highest-rated program, it has a spin-off in “The Originals,” and when they do decide to end it we imagine it getting a full “final season” treatment in advance. We foresee at least one more season after this one, and maybe more depending on what the cast wants. The last thing that we’d ever want to see is the series without Ian (who is for sure returning despite what happened to Damon), Nina, or Paul Wesley.

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Photo: The CW

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