‘The Flash’ spoilers: Grant Gustin returns to work on episode 2!

The Flash -Fans of “The Flash,” are you started to get excited yet? We know that we are, since Grant Gustin and the cast are officially at work now filming the rest of the series.

The reason why this show is starting a few days later than its CW counterpart in “Arrow” is simple: They don’t have to shoot a premiere. That is going to come here in the form of the pilot, which was filmed in the spring in order to convince the network that this was a show worth airing.

With that being said, we imagine that this was not a series that took a whole lot of convincing for The CW to pick up. “Arrow” was a runaway smash, and The Flash is a hero that is equally popular (if not more so) to the comic-book community. The only drawback? It may be a more challenging story to execute, since you have a hero with genuine superpowers here versus someone who just takes down bad guys by sheer awesomeness and with a bow and arrow. Trying to find out limits to these powers is something that other super-charged TV shows (see “Heroes”) have struggled with in the past.

The CW is doing everything that they can in order to ensure “The Flash” dominates. In addition to its premiere on Tuesday, October 7, they will be repeating this episode the following day after the “Arrow” premiere, and will be doing the same thing the following week with episode 2. That should give the show all the sampling it needs to succeeded … provided of course that the product is good.

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Photo: The CW

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