‘Suits’ season 4, episode 4 review: The ghost of Rachel and Logan Sanders looms

SuitsIt’s been two weeks since a new episode of “Suits” has aired, but in “Leveraged,” the show wasted almost no time at all in picking up the story and going crazy with it.

Mike was desperate during this episode to plan a hostile takeover, and he was willing to take down almost anyone and everyone who stood in his way. This included Louis Litt, who he completely devastated by creating a fake photo of Sheila with a new fiance. He completely bought the ruse, and got completely embarrassed as a result. Did you think Louis would take that lying down? Of course not. One of the fun aspects of the character’s personality is his penchant for revenge, but unfortunately, this also leads to him getting himself in trouble time and time again. He did that by rubbing his own trick against Mike in his face, and Mike then came up with a counter-attack of his own that put Pearson Specter once again in a vulnerable spot.

We felt bad for Louis most of this hour, in between Harvey yelling at him and Mike tricking him. All the guy wants is a little respect! Is that so hard? Clearly, it is for some of these people in this cutthroat world.

As for some other stories, Jeff managed to sort through his trouble with Jessica, at least temporarily; Sean Cahill basically set him up to get him to drop some of the SEC cases, largely so that he could executive a larger plan against Harvey. (Hey, at least Jessica forgave him.) Harvey tried to end this story with “making peace” with Mike, which didn’t exactly happen.

What we’re most worried about going forward, even more so than the takeover and all of the math that Mike has put together, is what comes next for him and Rachel. She’s getting awfully close again to Logan Sanders, and that means trouble. Big trouble down the road if this picks up and intensifies.

While we still wish Harvey had a little more to do other than brood right now, and we’d do anything for more Donna, “Suits” is continuing down the same solid road that it has. We’ll just have to see where this story goes. Grade: B+.

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