‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 1 spoilers: Diane Kruger on ‘darker’ story

Tonight, one of our favorite shows on TV in “The Bridge” will be back on FX, and we will have to immediately start bracing for some of the drama that comes with that. Last season was a shocking whodunnit that lead to a surprising villain with ties to Marco Ruiz and his past. So to hear the notion that this season is going to get even darker leaves us with one simple question: How in the world is that going to happen?

One of the big reasons for the switch is going to be the departure of Meredith Stiehm as a day-to-day showrunner; she has returned to work more primarily on “Homeland,” and Elwood Reid has taken on more of these primary responsibilities. Speaking per TVLine, Diane Kruger claims that “his vision for the show is darker, for sure, but also more complex. There are many different storylines that sort of happen at the same time and seemingly are not connected.”

So how are Sonya Cross and Marco going to reconnect? He will be back in Mexico when the show starts processing his grief over his dead son, but then some warnings and threats against his life may start to draw her back in, with a little bit of trepidation. Kruger makes it clear that she may not be able to fully trust her former partner:

“Sonya has reason to believe that Marco is compromised, and she distrusts him quite a bit … Theres a big fallout over whether she or not she believes that he’s taken too many steps into the darkness.”

We want to believe the best out of Marco, and maybe that is our own flaw when it comes to this character. He feels like someone who has a deep capacity to do good, but it is often compromised thanks to his recklessness and selfish acts like infidelity. He didn’t intend for the killing spree to happen last season, but on an intrinsic level he was still responsible.

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