‘Big Brother UK’ 2014: Steven Goode, Kimberly Kisselovich raise eyebrows, alarm censors

Celebrity Big Brother -It’s not often that we cover “Big Brother” UK, mostly because of the fact that we’re already knee-deep in the US version and these shows require an eagle eye to properly follow.

However, there was an event so shocking that took place today that it’s hard to really ignore it … mostly because you had two contestants in Steven and Kimberly doing something underneath the covers, and for a TV audience no less, that is stirring up plenty of conversation.

Here is the first thing that we are curious about here: How in the world did this get on TV? The broadcast standards for British television are certainly very different than here in North America. If someone swears or says something wrong on a show like “The X Factor,” the host comes out and apologizes profusely. Meanwhile, you can have two people do a pretty explicit sex act here. Next to a certain incident with a wine bottle, this is one of the most shocking things we’ve seen associated with the franchise.

Now, we turn to the other question: Why in the world do you want to do something like this, knowing that millions of people are watching? Do you think a sheet is really going to hide everything? If so, you are certainly loony, but you may have to be to go on this show in the first place. We cannot sit here and say that the American version is completely devoid of this behavior, given that we’ve seen it about a half-dozen times. The only real difference is that this sort of behavior there is typically reserved more for just the live feeds.

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Photo: Channel 5

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