‘Suits’ season 4, episode 3 review: The full story of Jessica, Logan Sanders

Suits -Suits” is turning out to have a rather crazy fourth season, especially as we are starting to learn more and more about Rachel and her past.

Basically, this episode taught us that she was not the person to end the affair, and that Logan Sanders was in fact very much in love with her and for a while, wanted to ditch his entire life in order to be with her.  In the end, he had her cover for him in legal proceedings later, and this proved to be a valuable asset to keeping him from harping on Mike any longer. She was able to use the favor she gave him for something in return, and this was a turning point of sorts. She had the power, but does she really have to control in her relationship? Mike seemed none too pleased about the suggestion that Logan wanted to take a step back so that Rachel did not get hurt.

“Two in the Knees” was a heck of an episode, but most of our joy came from another story that we saw plenty of throughout the episode: The continuation of things for Louis Litt and Jeff. Jeff conning Litt by trying to convince him that he was in love with him was beyond hilarious, especially since Louis is so brilliant and yet clueless at the same time. Jeff had his fun, but the truth here is that his relationship with the company is what matters more than anything in the big picture, even than his relationship with Jessica. He is about to have to do some serious work.

While Mike started to lose Walter Gillis thanks to some information from his past, the standoff between he and Harvey actually felt like the least-important thing here at times. Maybe we’ve seen so much of it that we are starting to get used to it, but this was not the part of this hour that gripped us at all.

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