’24: Live Another Day’ episode 9 review: Who did Jack Bauer kill?

24 -Tonight, “24: Live Another Day” had to try to pull together the rubble of what happened with the “death” of President Heller. They had to figure out if Margot Al-Harazi was going to stop, and then also whether or not she could be stopped. These are both key components in what is a very crazy equation for this show.

The one thing that is crazier? Seeing Jack literally throw someone out of a window to their death. This had to be one of the craziest and most awesome moments on the entire show, as Margot Al-Harazi is now dead! Who thought that she would be going away before the season even ended? The one thing that we can clearly say right now is that Michelle Fairley has the worst luck in living on TV shows. (Then again, she really gets to be involved in some awesome deaths.)

Also, Heller of course had something more going on than we knew. He found a way to deliver a fake-out much in the same way that we’re hoping that the ending with Chloe is a fake-out. Can she really be a traitor? We hope not. It does seem more likely, though, that we are staring at a season with Benjamin Bratt as a villain.We have to say that this is not something we called going into this year.

This was overall one of the most insane “24” episodes we’ve seen, and there have been some truly bonkers ones. The storytelling continues to be intense, and so long as that keeps going at a fast enough pace that we don’t worry about realism, we are going to be fine. Grade: A-.

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