‘Sherlock’ season 4: Steven Moffat says structure allows show to survive

Sherlock season 3Sherlock” is still alive as a series, regardless of how long it may actually be until you see new episodes on the air again. (Right now, we’re betting on late 2015 or the spring of 2016.)

So why is that? Given the cast of the show, which includes Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and also the precedent that involves many other British actors (see Jessica Raine on “Call the Midwife” or Dan Stevens on “Downton Abbey”) leaving their series, it would not be a stunner for them to sit here and declare that the series is entirely dead.

The reason that doesn’t happen is mostly because this show, unlike others, is set up to cater to the schedules of its stars and creators first and foremost. It does three episodes that do not have to be filmed consecutively, and there is no pressure to do it at a given time. Steven Moffat appeared recently at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, and he explained this theory further to the Guardian:

“Had we done the conventional form of a TV series which is to do runs of six or twelve, it would be over by now without doubt, it would be finished. Because [the cast] would never again commit that amount of time that regularly to a TV show, they just wouldn’t, why would they?

“But given the strange form of Sherlock which is every two-and-a-half years we get together and we make three, means that it can go on for a very long time.”

Moffat does seem aware that there is a ways to go still until the show comes back, and we would imagine that so long as the actors want to return at some point, he will start working hard on scripts after wrapping production on “Doctor Who.” Then, they can all film down the road without hesitation.

The one final thing that should be considered in regards to the future of “Sherlock” is simply that Cumberbatch and Freeman still enjoy doing it. So long as that stays true, we really could have many more seasons over the next decade.

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Photo: BBC One

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