‘Hell on Wheels’ season 4 spoilers: Anson Mount on Cullen’s story, show’s longevity

Hell on Wheels -Can you believe that we are almost a month away from the start of “Hell on Wheels” season 4? We’re waiting still for the train to start moving, but the good news is that as we get closer in proximity to the series starting back again, the likelihood of more news and interviews coming out in turn rises.

Take, for example, a lengthy chat that Anson Mount gave to Collider, where he spoke a little bit at length about the Blu-Ray release of “Non-Stop” (which he appeared in) along with the fourth season of the AMC show. When it comes to his character Cullen Bohannon, he has new circumstances he must handle in terms of being a spouse and a father, and that takes a strain on him. Mount suggests that this is a jumping off point for everything else that takes place:

“In terms of Cullen, this is a very different season, in the sense that he’s been forced to mature, for lack of a better word, in a variety of ways.  It’s about trying to get him on board with that while, at the same time, maintaining the old hair triggers and the old desires, and the things that he misses about being a drifter and a lawless spirit out there.  When you take someone like that, who does have a set of morals, and anchor that down with a family, it’s interesting to see what happens and see how that soul continues to flutter in the breeze, so to speak.”

Mount also referred to the series potentially as a “six-year project” in that when you look at the story of the railroad, there is so much more to tell that you would have to take massive time jumps if you really wanted to shorten it. Six seasons to us also seems right, and there is little reason to believe now that it wouldn’t happen. The show flourished on Saturdays last fall, and the more consistent that it is there, the greater the odds that more viewers can discover it who are looking for something of quality to watch on a pretty empty night of TV.

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Photo: AMC

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