‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: Could Severide’s relationship actually last?

Chicago Fire -Chicago Fire” may not be back on the air until the fall, but it’s not too early now to start discussing a little when it comes to what could be coming up the rest of the way.

For example, we know that one story that is very much on the minds of many is the relationship status of Severide. It doesn’t really take a whole lot to figure out that with Lindsey on another show in “Chicago PD,” it could be pretty hard in order for the two parties to stick together.

But, does a breakup necessarily have to be the case? Not at all, at least according to what executive producer Matt Olmstead had to say in a new interview with TV Guide:

“We really like the idea of the Severide relationship with Lindsay … It’s a unique opportunity to show a relationship that exists on two shows. You have to see both of them and to be able to bounce back and forth in both those worlds.”

One of the reasons that we feel like this couple is not even remotely doomed right now is simply because there is a whole lot more story left here to tell between the two shows, and the couple being together is a great opportunity for crossover. “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” have a unique way of supporting each other through promotions like these, and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. The only issue could come down the line when it comes to exhaustion, since having these actors jump shows so many times could practically make their heads explode.

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Photo: NBC

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