‘Fargo’ season 2: Should it really happen after this finale?

Fargo -Over the next few weeks, we are sure that there are going to be many debates and discussions happening around the internet when it comes to “Fargo.” But, for now we feel like this is probably our best chance to chime in here with our two cents on whether or not there should be another season of this.

Note that this is not a complaint or a statement that the show is unworthy of such a thing by any means. On the contrary. The show is fantastic. But, after such a sensational conclusion to season 1, why force something more to happen? Sometimes, the most important thing is knowing when to stop, and when to move forward.

Clearly, the end of the road is here for Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. The same can be said for Key & Peele, which is a bummer to us given that we wanted them to be a sort of link to all the seasons and it could have worked out very well. In theory, we suppose that you could bring back Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, and a few others if you really wanted to. But, why would you? If the show wants to hold on to its “true story” pretense, then you really need to make sure that you don’t push things too hard. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining something that was once great.

If there ever is a season 2, all we can ask for is that the series really takes its time to find something great, and does push itself into another story quickly. Give the writers time to write, and find an all-new cast to work with. Luckily, FX is the sort of institution that really seems to let creators create more than any cable network out there.

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Photo: FX

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