‘Fargo’ finale spoilers: On the ending, season 2, and so much more

Tonight, FX is going to have its grand send-off to the wonderful series “Fargo,” but like with many series these days, there is probably going to be a little bit of controversy coming up.

According to E! News, the final five minutes are going to be, in a word, shocking. You are going to have a strong opinion on that one way or another, and the less we say about this from here on out, the better off we will probably be in the end.

What we are a little more interested in discussing right now is what in the world a show like this should do for a “season 2.” Given the critical acclaim, we tend to believe that there will be something else coming up in the future, though it is probably not something that will feature the same cast. For example, Bob Odenkirk has “Better Call Saul” taking up his time now, and Martin Freeeman will be very busy in between the billion or so things that he does on a regular basis.

Our dream scenario for a second season would be to move the setting to another small town, and then have a few links here and there between one story and the other. For example, maybe have some more stops in to Fargo, or bring bay Key & Peele for at least another episode in order to have a common character who is involved in almost every story in some way. We feel like the connection between the movie and this first season was so superb, the show really does not need to change much at all this time around in order to keep things up.

What do you think is coming in the “Fargo” finale? Share your thoughts and theories below.

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