‘Longmire’ season 3, episode 3 review: Henry’s hearing and a problematic pageant

Big news -Longmire” season 3 started off with a slow burn, but tonight brought us what we would consider to be overall the best episode by a mile. There was the hearing for Henry and also a new case for Longmire, and the two were woven in a way that was continually captivating and reminiscent of some of the great mystery shows of the past decade. You can have a standalone story, while at the same time build towards something great in the future. Both are allowed to share equal time (or it at least felt that way).

The way in which the stories were tied together this week was a beauty pageant for the Cheyenne tribe, which had a young woman competing in it that Henry was responsible for helping during a troubled time. She was victorious in the pageant, but at the same time the ending produced a twist like no other. Longmire was able to solve the case of a doctor’s dead children by learning that the doctor had taken away the pageant judge’s ability to have children, and she decided to take revenge. It was an ending that made sense, and the reveal in the end was beyond emotional. Rather than being arrested, she slashed her own wrists while breaking down at what she had done.

Now, we turn to the trial.Cady managed to score a major victory in Henry’s trial, at least in that she got bail set … even if it was at a million dollars. The surprise was that in between a bail bondsmen and a potential new lucky man in her life, he was able to be freed without there being any money taken from the tribe or Longmire’s own savings.

This episode did more than just produce entertaining television; it also did more of what “Longmire” does best in showing the policies and pain that can exist within today’s tribal communities. Grade: A-.

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Photo: A&E

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