‘The Bachelorette’ review: Marquel Martin, Andrew Poole, and other Andi Dorfman drama

Marquel -Tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette” brought the entertainment, but also the eye-rolls for providing us with a giant slice of cheese. What’s cheesier than having people in France dress up like mimes? No wonder there were people in the city of Versailles who were upset! Also, poor Brian for having to sit through some movie product placement rather than getting a normal date like everyone else.

Now, let’s talk about some of the interesting stuff for a few minutes, including the drama, the dates, and the fact that Andi may actually have a terrible way of hiding who she likes the most.

The date with Josh – Seriously, this guy is the favorite at this moment. There was arm-swinging, flirting, and you could tell just from the look on her face that she was so much more into him than some of the other guys. The only thing really that notable in here was finding out that Josh being cheated on was the reason why he is so guarded now with women.

The drama – There were some funny moments in the mime challenge, but most of them were ironic watching Nick scowl over having to be there. You can tell that the guy just absolutely despises these, and is the Grumpy Cat of the franchise whenever he is on them. The guys complain to Andi about him, then he still finds a way to win her over. We don’t think Nick is a terrible guy, but he is someone who is going about this the wrong way, and is probably a little too strong a personality type to be someone to give the final rose to.

As for Marquel Martin vs. Andrew Poole, this is the toughest situation to gauge. Do we know if Andrew really used a racist term? No, and we never will. However, someone clearly thought they heard him, since there is no reason to throw him under the bus for something this serious. Marquel handled it pretty well, but we thought his whole monologue about being perceived as “the black guy” was the perfect commentary for how terrible producers are with diversity on this franchise.

Brian’s date – What a weird one this was. The movie advertisement was annoying, and then we learned that he is a terrible and pretty irritable cook who does not want anything to do with being there. He still got the rose, but this was not an example, to somehow quote and regret quoting Wes, that love don’t come easy.

The Rose Ceremony – So we lost Marquel tonight. Start crying immediately, since he was basically the man in every shape or form. We also lost Andrew (no more villain) and also Patrick, and we won’t miss the latter mostly because we have no idea really who that guy is.

Also, stop making canceling the cocktail party a big deal! The same goes for someone having the guys to cut people when that is the point of the show. Oh well. Still an okay episode, at least for the good moments. Grade: B-.

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