‘Undateable’ episodes 5 and 6 review: Some of the funniest moments yet

Admittedly, there is a part of us that feels like we are walking into an “Enlisted” style trap right now when it comes to “Undateable,” getting ourselves hooked on a show that has been poorly scheduled and probably has very little chance to be brought back for another season. It was looking good after the premiere, but then the numbers sagged and we imagine that there will be trouble tonight thanks to the NBA Finals heating up.

This is all a shame, since the second episode of tonight’s double-dose was the funniest that the comedy has been so far. That is when it truly started to feel a little less like a sitcom, and more like guys just riffing on each other. The writing was strong enough that we did not know how much was improv and how much wasn’t, and we always love that in this very predictable genre.

Also, Ron Funches and Chris D’Elia consistently prove here that they are worthy of more and more comedy gigs. (Literally, Funches is getting laugh-out-loud moments with almost every line.) The “Toy Story” bits in the second part of this episode were brilliant, and there was a lot of physical comedy. Getting that to work for sitcoms can be very difficult.

Overall, the stories about rejection, long-distance relationships, and saying “I love you” and not getting it back are all very generic, and that probably works against the show. However, the diverse cast and the natural rapport help it. We also feel like there is clearly care that was put into making this great; there was even a great little reference to Let’s Potato Chips, which TV superfans have probably seen pop up on “Community” and other programs over the years. Grade: B+.

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