‘The 100’ season 2 spoilers: The mystery of the episode order and more

The 100 -As we said last night, “The 100” is certainly a rare breed when it comes to series television, especially the kind that airs on The CW. Despite premiering in the spring (typically a pretty awful time to start up a new show), the show managed to develop a strong following and get good enough ratings to receive a second-season pickup. (The finale dropped slightly, but a 0.5 int he 18-49 demographic is still good for the middle of June.)

So what can we tell you now about the next season of the show? While it is still largely shrouded in mystery, there is at least confirmation now that there will be more than the 13 episodes that we got for the first go-around. Speaking to the Huffington Post, executive producer Jason Rothenberg gave what information that he was allowed to hand out for the time being on just how much story they will be able to tell in the season ahead:

“I’m not supposed to tell anybody what the episode order is yet, for some reason. I’m not quite sure why they’re being secretive about it. But for me, [the number the network ordered] was the perfect number. We had 13 this season, and creatively 13’s great. It’s like a cable series. You get to really choose your story and the pace of it is never lagging. There’s no filler episodes … Next season I think you can assume we’re going to do more. But the number will surprise people. So let me tease it like that — it’s more than 13 and fewer than 22.”

We actually want the number to stay somewhere between 13 and 16 episodes, mostly because this seems to be the sweet spot for most heavily serialized shows to be able to tell something without filler episodes or other fluff. While The CW does have some (“Arrow,” “The Vampire Diaries”) that can go 22-23 without being strictly a procedural, one of them does have those elements and the other tends to have a few episodes that are completely forgotten by the time you are the end.

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Photo: The CW

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