‘The 100’ season 2: The CW show WILL return, but when?

The 100 -Tonight marked the end of “The 100” on The CW, or what we like to refer to as the unexpected sow that could. We don’t feel like it is really that much of a slam to say that we did not expect a second-season renewal, mostly because shows introduced in the spring rarely are able to pull off an impressive feat of faring better than the same show that aired in the timeslot in the fall.

Now, you can relax following Wednesday night’s finale knowing that the show going to be back for the more … and this time, it will be in the fall! The timeslot following new episodes of “Arrow” will also remain, which is one of the better lead-ins out there.

Granted, we imagine that the wait is still not going to be a particularly easy one thanks to all the loose ends and cliffhangers that are out there. Both Chancellor Jaha and Finn both made huge sacrifices, there were kidnappings, and the landscape in general going into next season is very complicated.

One thing we do love here? The massive guts that it took from the writers and producers to give the story this sort of ending. They may not have known what the fate of the show was going to be at the time that it was filming the finale, but they continued to go ahead with this regardless. That takes guts, and more often than not we will certainly applaud guts, especially when it comes from a network that has in the past made questionable decisions.

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Photo: The CW

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