‘Fargo’ finale spoilers: Battles, heroes, and so much more

What's next -The first nine episodes of FX’s “Fargo” have been sensational, but there is still something more coming around the horizon next week: A finale episode that could blow the door off of everything that you know. Expect surprises, big things to happen, and above all, and ending that you will remember for some time.

Of course, when it comes to finales, this is really a situation of “the less you say, the better off you are going to be.” Therefore, we’re going to keep this relatively vague. According to a new report from TV Guide, here are some of the significant developments you can expect:

  1. An intense battle of wits between Malvo and Lester Nygard, which comes on the heels of the shocking death of Lester’s latest wife … which was one of his most cowardly acts to date.
  2. At least one character is going to resign.
  3. Also, there are going to be many surprising deaths, and some of these may or may not allow for a second season that is similar to this one.
  4. There will be a somewhat-unexpected hero by the time the end credits roll.

This is one of the reasons why we are totally in love with the ten-episode limited series concept right now, given it allows for showrunners to be truly bold, and it alleviates the pressure on them to create cliffhangers or stretch the story along in order to keep important people around for a second season.

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Photo: FX

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