‘Fargo’ finale spoilers: One Lester, Malvo question to ponder

With there only being a matter of two episodes left on “Fargo” this season, you may as well go ahead and make the assumption that you are not going to find out a whole lot else about what the story is going to be in advance. These surprises may be big ones, and since there is no promise of a season 2 featuring the same characters, the possibilities are endless when it comes to deaths or other crazy things going down.

At the center of this brilliant show is showrunner Noah Hawley, who was at least kind enough to give E! News a very simple question for us to ponder the next two episodes when it comes to Lester and Malvo:

“Can the student surpass the master? I guess that is the question that [fans] should be thinking about going into the last two episodes.”

For us, we feel like the tricky thing for Lester is that he has never been the proactive man in this relationship; instead, his acts of violence are more reactionary to either him being threatened, or him being put down in some way and made to feel small. Malvo is a man of action, but he may be slightly vulnerable based on where we saw him when we took the lead forward on last week’s new episode.

Of course, there is also still one other theory here to consider: Maybe Malvo is just planted the seeds for yet another grand scheme, and we will have to wait and see what that is.

What do you think may be coming up on the “Fargo” finale? We of course welcome all of your thoughts and theories below!

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