‘Veep’ season 3 finale review: A twist for Selina Meyer’s campaign

Veep -There were many possible scenarios that we imagined going into the “Veep” finale, but we have to admit that one we never saw coming is what ended up coming to fruition Sunday night.

Did Selina Meyer win the election? That is something that is rather complicated to answer, since there wasn’t really an election for her to win. Instead, she ended up becoming President after the present POTUS resigned in order to be there for his wife. This means that we have our first female President ever, but this did not mean that the drama on this show was over by any means.

While Selina’s campaigned continued to wage, she had to deal with the challenge of Presidential duties while preparing to keep herself in the White House. This was ridiculous and entertaining for a variety of different reasons.

The biggest reason that you should love “Veep” above all, though, is that this show is laugh-out-loud hilarious, and we had that for a variety of reasons in between the various zingers from Selina, her squeaky shoes during inauguration, or Jonah creating a series of demands in order to ensure that a certain relative of his endorses Selina for President. We laughed throughout here from start to finish.

Even when you thought that you understood the full extent of the story, there was yet another twist that came in. It turned out that she wasn’t entirely President yet (she had to take the oath again), and she also had to reinstate the old Secretary of State. She has the power, but her campaign is in trouble, and that is what she has to contend with now. Chung won New Hampshire, and there are huge problems she needs to survive. Grade: B+.

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Photo: HBO

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