‘Veep’ season 3 finale spoilers: Why does Selina appear so rattled?

Veep -Tomorrow night marks the season 3 finale of “Veep,” and we can certainly say already that when it comes to Selina Meyer’s hopes at becoming the Presidential candidate for her party, she has her work cut out for her so much more than she initially thought.

In the sneak-peek video below, you can see her receiving some not-so-great news when it comes to Thornhill, the former professional baseball player who has surprisingly emerged as an enormous threat to keep her from winning. This is a guy that most of her team refers to candidly as an “idiot,” and mostly because he does such things as give very lame speeches and talks about his personality rather than his actual plans.

The problem for Selina is that she has to find a way to make this guy embarrassed in front of the American people, since there is no way that she can appeal to his demographic of everyday Americans who respect honesty and being hard-nosed. She’s too much of a career politician for that, and so far he has countered every little thing that she has attempted to bring against him without even flinching.

We would be surprised, though, if this season ends without some sort of suggestion about what is going to happen with this election. If Selina does lose, then we could end up seeing a fourth season that is her on the campaign trail to being Vice-President again. Without any power, though, it’s hard to see this as much of a show. Therefore, she at least needs something to happen for her.

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Photo: HBO

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