‘The Blacklist’ season 2: An interesting James Spader philosophy

The Blacklist logo any seasonSo why is James Spader speaking out about “The Blacklist” at this time of the year? There are many reasons, but if you are seeing the face of Raymond Reddington around the internet right now, one of the biggest reasons for that is merely because of Emmy season. The networks are making their pitches known about why this person or that person should be nominated or even win something, and Spader is a favorite of many to score a nomination.

We’re doing most of our Emmy coverage in a separate series, so what we want to focus on here is a pretty funny comment from him on a subject that we really haven’t thought about much: What happens after Liz Keen learns what her relationship with Reddington really is? Is there still a way for there to be an exciting story after that? Spader’s philosophy on this is interesting, especially since he probably said it to the Los Angeles Times half-joking, and maybe half-serious: “I mean, the minute you learn that, the show ends.”

Regardless of the tone or the context, we do wonder if this sort of show can really maintain momentum if Liz understands who this guy really is and why he is working with her. It was easy to interpret the burn marks on Red as a sign that he is in fact her father, but that is not necessarily proof of that. All this did was suggest that he was likely at that infamous fire in some form … either that or it is another random fire, and producers are exceptionally cruel.

What do you want to see on “The Blacklist” moving forward? Share your thoughts below.

Photo: NBC

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