‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 17 review: What happened to Cat and Vincent?

Catch Me -Cat and Vincent just can’t be fully happy, now can they? This seems to be a defining thread of “Beauty and the Beast,” especially this season. Just when you think that things are starting to become normal, something absolutely crazy happens.

In the context of Tuesday night’s “Beast Is the New Black,” there were problems across the board. First, Vincent got arrested, and then he escaped from prison the moment that he realized that Cat was going to become involved by becoming a witness. Thanks to all of this, he was able to bring all the attention to himself, handcuff her (again), and then take off to parts unknown. Unfortunately, he and Cat have learned the hard way that there is someone else out there who is targeting beasts who may not be affiliated at all with Vincent’s father. He was the man who was initially implicated for being behind the arrest in the first place.

Most of this stuff felt like regurgitation, even if it was of the entertaining variety. What we were most curious about that brief little moment of Gabe’s reaction to all that was going on. While it doesn’t seem that he is directly involved in anything like we first thought, he is not exactly sad about the thought of seeing Vincent in trouble. This only makes Gabe human, even if he is not exactly the most likable person on the show.

Also entertaining? Seeing Tess and JT try to figure out what a relationship would look like. There are clearly some roadblocks and they are very new at this, but for the time being, it seems like they may actually have a chance to be together unlike Cat and Vincent. After all, nobody seems to be that desperate to hunt them down for now. Episode Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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