‘Veep’ season 3, episode 8 review: A nutty New Hampshire debate

Veep -On tonight’s new episode of “Veep,” we had what was one of the more important episodes of the entire series. After all, there are few events during the primary process than the debate in New Hampshire.

There was also quite a bit of opportunity in here for the show to get into some of its best satire to date. We had a lengthy discussion in here for some reason about holes, and we also had Selina accidentally getting some support for nearly pulling a Rick Perry and messing up part of her proposed plan.

In the end, though, it turns out that the top rival for Selina when it comes to the election was Thornhill, the former pro baseball player who came into this without any real ideas so much as just some statements about how he was the “ordinary guy.” He was honest about his past, matter-of-fact, and in many ways seems to be the anti-Selina. This is why he is a much more compelling opponent than anyone else on the show. One of the biggest problems with “Veep” over time has been mostly that so many of the characters are all the same. With him on board, it does not necessarily feel like that anymore.

“Veep” still is not a perfect show, though, since regardless of how good Selina is, we do find it problematic that there is no one on this show with a redeeming quality we can get behind. The closest we have is Gary, and he is so spineless that it often makes it difficult. At least this episode did a solid job of pushing us in the direction that we are likely going to be heading in for not just this season, but also most of season 4. Grade: B.

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Photo: HBO

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